The holiday season is known as “the most wonderful time of year.” But is it?

For apartment marketers, that’s debatable. Drops in online traffic are common, and consumers are busy spending their money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals (not security deposits).

Our latest #AptChat centered on how to address these challenges, which holiday-related events properties are hosting, and what to consider at year’s end; these are the highlights. (Hit the links to jump straight to a specific question.)

Are you doing anything special to try to avoid the usual drops in traffic we often see this time of year?

Did anyone try any Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for their communities? Or other ideas borrowed from retailers?

Are your properties doing any kind of events around the holidays? Any kind of charity/volunteer work?

What else are you doing to work on your marketing during this slower season? What are you focused on most through year end?

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