Brand consistency across digital and print marketing collateral is essential, and standards and tools that are easy to share across your team and across properties make that easier to manage.

What does #AptChat Nation use to keep their marketing consistent? How detailed do they get? How do they handle consistency when there are multiple entities involved?

We asked those questions and more during this week’s #AptChat; these are the highlights. (Click on the links to jump straight to a specific question.)

Between all the digital tools, print materials and everything else, what do you do to keep your branding consistent today?

How detailed do you get? Are you creating a master “style guide?” Do you train staff on things like fonts, colors, etc.?

What are some of your favorite tools for keeping collateral consistent? What helps you manage this across your team?

What are all the diff types of use cases you need to consider? Signs? Flyers? Uniforms/apparel? Social media covers/icons?

How do you balance brand consistency when there’s a property brand, a management brand, and sometimes an owner brand?

What else do we need to consider when trying to keep our marketing consistent? Anything else you’d recommend?

Are there questions *you* have about marketing/brand consistency? Now’s your chance to get them answered!

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