Mobile Marketing for Apartments

Mobile marketing for apartments is more important than ever before.

With 44% of smartphone owners using their phone to look up real estate listings and other information about a place to live, it’s critical that a community’s website have CTAs that are clear and make sense to mobile users.

Additionally, Multi-Housing News recently spoke to three apartment industry experts —including 30 Lines President Mike Whaling— about how to engage prospects and residents using video, visuals and lots of “snackable” content.

To get a better sense of how other apartment marketers are using mobile technology to their advantage, we asked this week’s Apartment Chat participants about their efforts. Here are some of the highlights from this week’s conversation.

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When you hear mobile marketing, what comes to mind? What mobile marketing efforts are you working on today?


What are the most important things to consider in your mobile-focused marketing? How is the context different/unique on the go?


What are some best practices beyond responsive websites? Anything we need to keep in mind for mobile-targeted advertising?


What kind of Facebook ads are working right now? (And tying it back, are you using Facebook ads on mobile?)


How are you targeting your FB ads? Custom audiences? Retargeting website traffic? Working specific locations?

What else would you add to the discussion? Leave your thoughts for us in the comments.

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