With leasing for next fall already in full swing and the NAA Student Housing Conference now behind us, last week’s #AptChat focused on the latest trends in marketing for purpose-built student housing communities.

Let’s cut to the chase … here are the highlights from the conversation:

What are the top ways that students find an apartment? Is anything higher on the list than word of mouth?

  • Natalie Teinert: Top ways to find our housing is through the University itself.
  • Ann Padgett: Word of mouth is huge, students want to live with their friends.
  • Elysa Rice: I’d say 2 ways are Google and friends.
  • Resite Online: School newspapers and online social networks.
  • ATL Marketing Concepts: Other than word of mouth – proximity to school and cost next two decision makers.. Roommate program also helps.
  • Natalie Teinert: Housing Office, websites, admissions materials, etc.
  • Carla Morin: Make sure to state in your on-line marketing “we accept student applications” or something like that that’s huge!
  • Ann Padgett: I see a lot of kiosks on campuses now, both the old fashion paper and staple kind and new touch screen fanciness.
  • Darcey Forbes: We have also seen success with CL (Craigslist) for college rentals and searching for roomates etc.
  • Nessel Inc.: College newspaper online classifieds site was huge @ my school.
  • Resite Online: 1 of our customers likes 2 create buzz around campus about prop’s social life, ex: topless car wash, they wash only tops of cars.
  • Natalie Teinert: All of our properties offer a roommate matching program. Especially nice for International students who don’t know anyone.
  • Dylan Schleppe: SMS is private, fast and convenient. What they want.

Are there differences in marketing a lease-by-the-unit community vs. a lease-by-the-bed property?

  • Natalie Teinert: Most students like the individual lease liability. Parents do 2. Great thing to market!
  • Elysa Rice: I think in student world lease by bed is easier on finances for students NOT propty. my roomie was forever late on payments.
  • Natalie Teinert: Individual leases also help when applying financial aid. Would get messy with 1 lease/unit & fin aid.

What amenities are at the top of the list for students?

  • Mike Brewer: Include all secondary fees, i.e. cable, Internet, water, sewer, trash – in the rent. Parents and students like simple.
  • Ann Padgett: Individual bathrooms, washer dryer, location to transit, community events to name a few.
  • Elysa Rice: Internet, designated parking (was single girl walking late at night), pay by room, pool, bus to school, TV, recycling.
  • Tami Siewruk: Shuttle bus service is a big one.
  • Eric at Buildium: ALL student housing should include internet. It is a necessity for college students!
  • Speedpro Add: Stud housing is funny bc they position it as “luxury living” here I thght college was roughing it.
  • Mike Brewer: Common place to hang with friends – and dog park is proving to be huge – wireless Internet a common area must.
  • Natalie Teinert: Students will give up a lot on amenities as long as the student has friends there and believe theyll have fun living @ your prop.
  • Lisa Trosien: Some have computer labs with direct links to the university computer.
  • Natalie Teinert: One of out props has a bike room you can rent space in & stays locked.
  • Elysa Rice: My apartment had room with computer/printers = smart move on their part.
  • Elysa Rice: I lived with 3 diet obsessed girls, hello must have 24 hr gym.
  • Natalie Teinert: Indoor BBall court has been popular @ 1 of our props up north, theaters are good for programming too.
  • Elysa Rice: Pre-pay for entire semester rent is also nice ammenity for students who get loans twice year.

What needs to be on the website for a student housing community? Anything different from conventional apartment sites?

  • Ann Padgett: I think u start by building a social network 4 your student residents 2 connect & have fun online, post pics & video.
  • Mike Brewer: Ability to sign lease digitally — we are trying to this implement this year.
  • Natalie Teinert: Online leasing is a great pull for international students.
  • Resite Online: Online Rent Payment is a huge amenity for the student and the parent.
  • RealPage: Roommate matching.
  • Resite Online: Potentially an FAQs section for both students and parents.
  • Ann Padgett: Pictures of the students interacting with each other at events.
  • Natalie Teinert: Links to Uni websites are nice 4 current residents. Links to videos/articles how to wash clothes, cook, iron, etc.
  • Elysa Rice: @osu_bigredbus (UniversityVillage.com) is our most popular student website. Their bulletin board for students is very popular.
  • Natalie Teinert: Calendar of programming events (if you offer) w/links to FB to RSVP.
  • RealPage: Providing parental access to the same info and functions a student makes mom and dad very happy.
  • Elysa Rice: most important online student ammenities IMHO: online application, online rent pay, “nearby”, lots photos & video, floor plans.
  • IRIO Mobile: We have iPhone web Apps on SH micro-sites via text.
  • Elysa Rice: Speaking for @KimCoryFitness, I know she polls residents/students & improved website every semester per their input.

What about blogs & social media sites? Do they work for the student crowd?

  • Natalie Teinert: Targeting High School seniors w/FB ads has been great for us!
  • Natalie Teinert: Basically have created ads targeting specific cities in the Uni area targeting ages 17-18.
  • Mike Brewer: FB: target the sphere of influence of current resident base – pic contests that require sphere to vote in the way of comment.
  • Mike Brewer: FB: pet look alike, community jingle contest, best photo from spring break, etc.
  • Mike Whaling: Just met w/ a group of students yesterday. Not one of them using 4sq yet. Also said Twitter is “for old people.”
  • Natalie Teinert: SM has been good for us. Gets students interacting w/us that haven’t before.
  • Mike Brewer: Social sites and blogs are only as valuable as the effort put into them — they require hard work to be successful.
  • Mike Whaling: Numbers out last week show that Twitter is growing w/ the younger crowd.
  • Natalie Teinert: Have seen success w/property twitters that the affiliated university utilizes Twitter as well.
  • Lisa Trosien: Camden’s three lease Twitter success story was on a student housing property. Gave a concession ‘code’ in their Tweets.

There were a number of great insights and nuggets along the way, so make sure you look over the full transcript. This past week’s #AptChat included 329 tweets from 54 different contributors.

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