As the old saying goes, “Image is everything.” This is especially true in apartment marketing, where prospects rely heavily on property photos in the early stages of the shopping process.

Since just about everyone has a camera in their pocket these days (thanks to mobile phones), more people can contribute to your visual marketing efforts than ever before. But are photos from residents and staff as useful as professional photos? In the end, is it just easier to hire a pro?

In our latest #AptChat, we discussed tactics for creating appealing marketing images. These are the highlights. (Click on the links to jump straight to a specific question.)

What are the most important visuals prospects expect to see? What are the images you have to have in your marketing today?

What are some good ways to help your images stand out? How can your images capture someone’s attention?

How are you capturing photos for your property? All professional photography? Is the on-site team taking any photos?

*Should* on-site teams be more involved in capturing images and videos?

Are you incorporating resident photos into your marketing? Either photos of residents or photos taken by residents? Good idea?

What questions/tips do you have to improve your property images?

Got tips for improving property images? Share them in the comments!

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