Technological advances have significantly changed the apartment shopping process – from the way prospects tour a property to the way they sign leases. (Hint: They don’t have to be on site to do either.)

Not surprisingly, those advances have had ripple effects on the way apartment companies do business and the staff needed to do it. To learn what technologies have become part of the leasing experience, how that impacts operations, and where to turn for tech news, check out the highlights from our latest #AptChat. (Click on the links to jump straight to a specific question.)

What technologies are you using as part of the leasing experience today? What new tech are you most excited about?

Does anyone have stats on real usage of leasing/resident kiosks? Do people use them often, or are they more for flash?

Any luck with Instagram video campaigns?

Do you all this tech is helping the leasing process? Do we need less staff? More? How does new leasing tech affect operations?

How can we stay current on leasing tech? How do we keep our on-site teams familiar with new tech, without it becoming a crutch?

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