With such a young and transient customer base, the student housing industry faces unique marketing challenges— many of which were discussed in detail at the 2016 NAA Student Housing Conference & Exposition earlier this month.

So who better to guest moderate an #AptChat about the state of the industry than NAA New Media Manager Ted Voss?

With his guidance, our latest chat touched on the best ways to reach and engage with Gen Z, as well as gamification and under-the-radar marketing trends and tactics. (Click on the links to jump straight to a specific question.)

Marketing to students means reaching “Gen Z.” How do you recommend targeting this wave of hyper-connected prospects?

Anyone using any interesting “niche” apps beyond Insta & Snapchat? If so, what have you tried? Any WeChat? Yeti? WhatsApp? Tinder?

Prospects are increasingly looking to social media & reviews for research. What are you doing to bolster your online rep?

Healthy competition can really motivate a team. Are you using gamification or a reward system to drive productivity on-site?

What is a trend that you see happening in the student housing industry that no one is talking about?

@NAAhq Any final insights for us? What should we be thinking of based on what you’re seeing in the market?

Thanks again for moderating this week’s #AptChat, Ted! We really appreciate your insight. Don’t be a stranger!

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