Our latest #AptChat was all about perfecting the all-important property tour. This is a critical step in the leasing process, and we got some great insight from our participants about making the most of it.

Check out some of the highlights from our discussion:

Should you work the same property tour every time, or should you adjust your approach for each new prospect? Why?


What are some of the easiest mistakes to correct about the typical property tour?


What are some good questions you can ask to really discover what a prospect wants?


How much focus is on the apartment unit itself? How much is on the property, community amenities, etc.?


Go straight to the tour first? Sit down with the prospect, then tour? Do you find most prospects have a preference?


What are some unique ways to “wow” prospects during a tour? Are you incorporating technology? Other ideas?


What are some hints and tricks for touring occupied units?


Will the tablet completely change the way people tour apartments? What do you think?

Now it’s your turn … what are some ways you make your property tours better, more unique, more memorable? Leave your tips, suggestions and stories in the comments.