Meet the Marketer - Sarah Greenough | #AptChat

This is the first in an ongoing series. Our goal is to accelerate your learning curve by connecting you to some of the brightest minds and best marketers in the apartment industry. Is there someone you think we should feature in a coming post? Let us know!

Originally from New England, Sarah Greenough moved to Breckenridge, Colorado after college to experience a different part of the country. A few years later, when she was ready to return home to Massachusetts, she took a part-time job keeping the books for a real estate company.

This introduction to real estate and rentals piqued her interest, and soon she accepted a full-time position as a leasing agent for Princeton Properties, where she’s held many jobs since.

“Now, 20 years later, I’m still going strong and officially hooked on the multifamily business,” says Sarah.

She especially loves the diverse responsibilities and unpredictable nature of her role as Chief Marketing Officer/Senior Vice President at Princeton.

“You never know what the next day or next minute will bring, but at the core we are problem solvers,” she says. “Multifamily really is a lifestyle rather than just a career. It’s an exciting business that blends exceptional customer service skills, creativity, asset management and budgeting prowess, as well as good old fashion common sense!”

Want to learn what marketing challenge is keeping her up at night? Whose campaign she’s eagerly awaiting? Which brands she finds inspirational? Keep reading.

What’s the greatest marketing challenge you’re currently working on?
The challenge that keeps me up at night currently is how to maintain accuracy and consistency of data feeds and integration.

What’s your proudest marketing accomplishment to date?
I’m proud to say we’ve accomplished many noteworthy campaigns over the years. My colleagues are forward thinking and have allowed me to take many risks with messaging and technology. Our marketing initiatives are ever changing.

More recently, when Princeton celebrated its 40th anniversary, we honored this milestone with a multipronged campaign focused on giving back to the community, the residents and the employees. It was well designed and branded, as well as extremely gratifying.

What’s one thing the apartment industry as a whole could do better as far as marketing and advertising is concerned?
We could/should make a goal to catch up to the automotive and/or hotel industries. Online information, reservation capability, customer service offering all could improve. The online side-by-side product analysis, high quality videos and photography, attractive visual aids and exceptional response time to product inquiries found with automotive and hotels should be emulated.

Who do you think is doing the most innovative apartment marketing right now?
Innovative? I suppose I need to give a hat tip to They certainly are shaking things up as of late with their website relaunch, video mailing, expensive TV spots and full-on attack of the competition. I think the jury is still out on whether all of this buzz and marketing expense will pay off.

I’m a big fan of Property Solutions’ marketing efforts. I absolutely loved when Sequoia Equities launched the Most Interesting Man in Property Management years ago. I’m waiting for Sequoia to drop another great campaign.

Who is doing innovative marketing outside the industry? Where do you look for inspiration?
I am an Apple fangirl — everything they do is inspirational to me. Virgin Airlines, Kimpton Hotels, Audi, Google, Geico are all pretty fun to watch. Oh, and put a puppy in a beer commercial and I’m sold!

On a smaller scale, hyper-local marketing from some of my favorite brewpubs and restaurants really inspire me. Harpoon Brewery in Boston, for example.

You can order anything at the bar. What are you drinking?
Depends on the place and mood! More upscale, then I would like to start with a hot and dirty martini. If I’m just hanging out, then I’m looking for a Gose or sour beer — my new favorite type of brew.

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