Our latest #AptChat was all about measuring the success of your marketing. We wanted to know how you monitor and track your marketing sources and measure results. We also wanted to hear what you do with this information, and how it affects your strategy moving forward.

Here are some of the highlights:

Q1: Besides leads and leases, what are some key marketing metrics that you regularly monitor at your properties?


Q2: How do you know which lead sources are working best?


Q2a: How do you account for leads that come from multiple sources?


Q3: What are some effective tools to help better track marketing sources & results (besides Google Analytics)?


Q4: How often do you review your marketing data? How does the data inform your planning & decisions going forward?

Now it’s your turn … what are some of the top things that you’re doing to measure the success of your marketing efforts? Where are you trying to get better? Leave your input in the comments!

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