If there’s one topic that just about everyone in the apartment industry has an opinion on, it’s staffing. And as marketing and leasing operations change, the number of people needed to get those jobs done on any given day fluctuates.

Is there a particular formula for effective staffing? Is it more about distinct skills than numbers? How is technology impacting the way you approach it?

These questions and more were at the heart of the the latest #AptChat; here are the highlights. (Click on the links to jump straight to a specific question.)

What is the staffing model you use today for your property? Do you follow a specific formula, or approach it another way?

Do you typically staff for “normal” business hours? How do you handle leasing and customer service on nights & weekends?

What are the skills that we need to hire for today? What are the things we should be training for?

Are there any mktg staffing myths that need to change/need an update? What would you want the C-suite to hear about staffing?

How is technology changing the way you think about staffing? Any differences? More touch points necessary? More automation?

As staffing continues to evolve, keep us posted on what you’re doing!

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