“Should I stay or should I go?”

It’s a question all renters eventually ask themselves. And whether or not they renew hinges more on an apartment community’s people, and how they resolve resident issues, rather than its things, like wine cellars and movie theaters.

To see what we mean, check out these highlights from our latest #AptChat. (Click on the links to jump straight to a specific question.)

What are the main reasons you see that make residents want to stay? Want to leave?

Over-the-top amenities are becoming the norm. How much do the amenities influence retention? Is it really all about service?

Assuming you can’t add new physical amenities, what are some things you can do on-site to reduce turnover?

How does your marketing influence retention? How much should marketing focus on current residents vs attracting new ones?

What are some ways marketing can influence/improve retention?

When we meet again, we’ll be discussing the 2016 Apartment Internet Marketing Conference!

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