Is it promotions, incentives, amenities, or the experience that win leases? None of the above?

To help us determine what gets renters to sign on the dotted line, we asked what #AptChat Nation is doing right now to entice prospects, what properties can do to avoid concessions, how to cater to the way people shop for apartments today and more. These are the highlights. (Click on the links to jump straight to a specific question.)

What does your current market look like? Are you seeing more concessions? What are people doing to win leases right now?

What are some things properties can do to avoid “expected” concessions? What are some examples/tips you’ve seen work well?

What can you do to set your leasing/service experience apart? What’s your favorite way to get remembered and get the lease?

How do you see the leasing experience evolving? What do need to be doing now to better cater to how people shop today?

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