Lead follow-up is important– that’s undeniable. Whether our leasing teams are doing it well is another story.

One reason we aren’t generally winning the follow-up game is a lack of technology. Not enough training, fear of rejection, and too many other priorities are also to blame, according to #AptChat Nation.

To learn how your team can improve, check out these follow-up dos and don’ts. (Click on the links to jump straight to a specific question.)

Do you have a standard lead follow-up process for your property/company? If so, are you able to share a bit about the process?

What does the follow-up process typically look like? Who is responsible? What communication channels are you using?

What type of info do you typically include in your follow-up communication? Does it ever change based on the prospect/status?

What is the best way to show the value of good follow-up? We know it works, we know what customers expect. What’s next?

What are good, simple ways to measure the success of your follow-up? Do Cost Per Lead/Cost Per Lease still apply? What else?

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