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New Media Trends for Apartments

Our latest #AptChat focused on the latest trends in new media for apartments. We talked about evolving content strategies, managing media strategies, and what new media we’ll be implementing this year. Check out the...

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Free-For-All Friday Recap

Our latest #AptChat was a Free-For-All Friday. We focused mostly on resident communications through newsletters, blogs and text messages. Check out the highlights from our discussion, below: @maggieforrent we are launching...

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Sustainable and Affordable Housing

Our latest #AptChat featured special questions submitted by Virginia Tech students studying Managing Affordable & Specialized Housing. Our conversation focused on sustainable and affordable housing…check out the...

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Content Marketing for Apartments

Our latest #AptChat focused on content marketing for apartments. We talked about types of content marketing, planning a content roadmap and measuring the success of your content marketing efforts. Check out the highlights from...

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